The trio, put together by Miller, crafted a mindfully melodic sentiment that is rooted in its powerful chorus, “My love we are bound by history and art/ I only understood after tearing us apart.’” When sung in harmony with Karaitis, Miller carried the tenderness of her realization with the warm folk nostalgia of singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.
— -The Alternative

Kate Dressed Up, a solo music project by Katie Miller, is an Indie Folk Rock experience based out of Philadelphia. After branching out and hitting the road a few times, Miller and her divine melodies have been heard from Virginia to Vermont, from Chicago to Boston. This multi-talented New Jersey native has played many of her shows with an acoustic guitar and a looper pedal in order to create her vision, but as of January, 2018, Kate Dressed Up has featured Vin Karaitis on bass, Chris Miller on drums, and Elyse Kiedaisch on vocals, with the addition of Elaine Rasnake on guitar later in the year.


Miller has written, recorded, and produced all of her releases to date with the help of her brother, Evan. Kate Dressed Up released their first single in over a  year, “History & Art,” May 2018, and began recording their first studio album that same month, to be released this year. Recordings and new releases can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube and, of course, Bandcamp.