The trio, put together by Miller, crafted a mindfully melodic sentiment that is rooted in its powerful chorus, “My love we are bound by history and art/ I only understood after tearing us apart.’” When sung in harmony with Karaitis, Miller carried the tenderness of her realization with the warm folk nostalgia of singer/songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young.
— -The Alternative

Tangy and fulfilling, Kate Dressed Up is an experience worth hearing. The solo project of Katie Miller, New Jersey native, and based out of Philadelphia, PA, is constantly in positive flux. A mixture of folk, indie and rock, Kate Dressed Up brings to the table what others might lack: sincere, honest songwriting. Miller herself is a joyous, easy going instrumentalist, lyricist and producer (with some help thanks to her brother, Evan Miller, of course) who strives to create.

Kate Dressed Up can be whatever they want to be - solo act or 5-piece band, the performance knows how to show up in whatever fashion that means, and show up hard. With tour dates in the past year spanning as far west as Chicago, IL, as far north as Vermont, Kate Dressed Up has been putting their time in. Not to mention all of their recent partnerships with up & coming local artists like a tour with Elaine Rasnake, and Sounds From The House session with AGL Sounds. Kate Dressed Up has also participated in multiple organizations to assist in local non-profit donation funds like Gurlzilla, a fundraiser & show that Miller organized, donating $900 to Garden State Equality.

By Emily Famularo

2019 has brought Kate Dressed Up the ability to begin work on their debut full length, a ten-track album, at Flux Studios in NYC with producer Ravi Bhavsar. The album, Miller states, is “loosely based on The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and we’re really just focusing hard on finishing this album and preparing for its release, which I intend to make as big a deal as possible. I'm really proud of these songs.”

“History & Art” released in 2018 was the precursory single to the upcoming full length, and is an incredible, honeysuckle track that leaves you aching for more. Kate Dressed Up catches your attention, and their dedication to good music played by good people makes them a standout among their peers.

Check out what Kate Dressed Up has to offer on any of their social media or via the contact information.